Open Spaces Topics

Open Spaces @ San Francisco

​Session 1
  • The Monostack - how's that going?

  • What are the (cultural, technological, organizational) problems which, if we solved them at PagerDuty, would make a whole host of other problems go away?

  • The Future of HackDay! - How can we evolve hackday to get more participation? Especially outside of product development. What else could we do to build on hackday's successes?

Session 2
  • Distributed teams and culture: what works well at PD for teams that are distributed across offices, timezones, and work styles? What have you experienced at other companies that worked well? How can we cultivate culture that is inclusive of remote employees?

  • How can we deliver a better and more consistent UX to our users? And how do we actually do it rather than discussing this every single PagerCon? :-p

  • If you had a magic wand and wanted to bring one awesome thing from your last job to PD, what would it be? Must explain why it was awesome and why PD should adopt. Some Technology? k8s? Google Cloud? Some other process? Amazing change management process? WHAT?

Open Spaces @ Toronto

​Session 1
  • Risk taking and innovation. Do you feel that PD takes enough risks in order to innovate? If yes, what are good practices that other teams can borrow? If no, how can we do this better?

  • How can PD do open-source better?

  • How is PagerDuty’s user experience affecting our business line? How do we put a price tag on UX? What stories do we have from sales and support that demonstrate the value of or need for better UX? If we determine that UX is valuable, how do we integrate it into our existing agile culture?

Session 2
  • What would help you as a service owner define, deliver, and improve what you see as operational excellence and resilience in your services—to improve your services, and and reduce on-call burden?

  • How can teams sustainably support the elixir ecosystem?

  • What will we most regret in three years if we don't do (or start) it today?