Open Spaces

Open Spaces give attendees the opportunity to talk about anything they’d like. A person might suggest a topic they want to learn about, or one they feel like they can help others with. The topics range widely, from highly technical, to pure culture, to board games for networking.

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Open Spaces FAQs

We're changing things up this year! Hopefully we've answered most of your questions.


How are Open Spaces topics chosen?

Like past years, Open Spaces topics will be suggested and voted on by you, the attendees via Slido. After logging into Slido you will be able to suggest a topic and upvote topics that others have suggested. The only difference between this year and previous years is that we are doing this in advance as opposed to the day-of.

Slido access codes will be announced via Slack!


What kind of Open Spaces are available?

Each conference location will have their own selection of Open Space topics for discussion. Read more about Birds of a Feather groups and Open Spaces if you've never heard this term before or never attended a session!


How many Open Spaces groups are there?

Attendees will be able to choose between 3 workshops and 3 open spaces per half-hour session. There will be 2 half-hour sessions in the afternoon, from approximately 3:00 - 3:30 and 3:35 - 4:05.


Is Open Spaces attendance limited?

Nope! There will be 3-4 Open Space group discussions happening during each of the half-hour sessions. In the hope of keeping these groups relatively small, we are also offering a selection of workshops at the same time.


Why are there workshops? I thought PagerCon was great last year, why fix it if it ain't broke?

PagerDuty is growing quickly every year, not just in terms of customer base, but also the number of employees! Our previous format is becoming less and less tenable for the number of people we are trying to serve. We've added a selection of workshops to make sure we are able to cater to a diversity of interests and also so that people will still get to experience the learning experience of PagerCon in smaller group settings.


Do I have to attend an Open Space?

Well, technically no, but your ideas are really valuable! One of the best parts about Open Spaces is how people come together in a freeform discussion to see how their ideas and perspectives combine.


What do I need to bring for Open Spaces?

Your ideas and enthusiasm for talking about cool stuff!


Do I need to register ahead of time?

Nope! There is a section in the Workshop Lottery and Open Spaces Registration form to indicate what topics you're interested in, but that's only for planning purposes. It's totally fine if you change your mind the day of.