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These are traditional presentations and last for 20 minutes + 10 minutes of Q&A.

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Migrating Your Passengers Mid Flight :
The NSS Story

Senior Software Engineer, Event Automation


Andre is a developer who's been on variety of teams at PagerDuty but currently calls the Event Automation Team (EAT) home. When he's not trying to lift heavy weights off the floor, he's relentlessly trying to get his creations into customer hands.


A Thousand Tiny Kitchen Timers: The Power of Metaphor for Understanding, Designing, Communicating About Systems 

Software Engineer, Response Experience


Andrew is 2 years deep into an adventure in the San Francisco Bay Area from his otherwise lifelong home of Toronto. Accomplishments include taking a no-flying voyage to Europe and back, completing vegetarian chef school, and learning to pretty smoothly do that thing where you've dismounted your bike, but you're still kind of riding it from the side. Despite his best efforts, he is yet to successfully move anything with his mind.


How Thinking With A Customer Support Mindset Can Make You A Better Engineer

Software Engineer, Developer Ecosystem


Ashley Brooks is a Software Engineer on the Developer Ecosystem team, where she is passionate about creating delightful user experiences for not only PagerDuty customers but also our Engineering and Support teams who troubleshoot our products.


What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There

Product Manager, Visibility


With 20 years of experience in all aspects of product development, Jeremy has a passion for solving problems through product innovation. As the product owner for PagerDuty Visibility, Jeremy enjoys learning from our customers and working with the Visibility team. Outside of the office Jeremy enjoys saving the universe each night on his PS4.


From pain to gain: The journey of a team

Senior Software Engineer, Product Owner, Infrastructure


Marguerite is the product owner of the Infrastructure group. At one time an individual contributor on the team that eventually became SRE, and subsequently the product owner of SRE, she has participated in the SRE journey from before its formation and has witnessed what it took to get the SRE team to where it is today. She also accepts donations in the form of grilled cheese if you like what she has to say.


Threat Modeling: bootstrapping an attacker mindset for secure software development

Software Engineer, Security


Sarai Rosenberg is an Insecurity Princess working in Security Engineering at PagerDuty. She is a professional mathematician who has been working in security since 2015. As a queer woman, Sarai has been refining threat models daily when commuting to work, traveling to evening events, or protecting her privacy online.



These are short 5 minute presentations

with 15-second auto-advancing slides


"Wait, we own that?": Understanding Legacy Systems

Software Engineer, Signal


Elizabeth is currently a developer on the Signal team, and has spent the past two years at PagerDuty working on various pieces of event ingestion and event intelligence. In her free time she likes trying out new recipes and going hiking.


Delivering Inclusion at Scale: How Accessible PagerDuty Products Can Transform Our Industry

Principal User Experience Designer, Signal


Evan is a long-distance runner, connoisseur of internet-famous hedgehogs, and Principal UX Designer currently working on the Signal team with Event Intelligence. He’s based in the SF office and is originally from Philadelphia.


How To Tech Debt

Software Engineer, Analytics


Priyen started off as an intern on May 2016 and worked for 16 months helping build out the long awaited new Billing System. He continued working with us part time until he graduated and joined our Analytics team. Now he helps deliver products that surface insights and metrics that help our customers improve and become more mature with their digital operations. In his spare time Priyen is usually out with friends watching movies or going on nature hikes. 


The 101 About 1-on-1s

Senior Software Engineer,

Machine Learning Platform


Sabeer Zaman is a senior engineer on the Machine Learning Platform team at PagerDuty. He has been focused on working in the data engineering space for the past 5 years. For about half that time, he wore a manager's hat, so apart from getting excited about data technologies, he is passionate about how people and teams can work better together. Outside work, he enjoys reading, improv, and cooking.


The 3 Key Ingredients for Having Fun at Work

Software Engineer Data Scientist,

Data Science Core


Shaheen is an Associate Data Scientist on the Data Science Core team. She works from the Toronto office, but you'll almost never find her at her desk. She's usually hiding away in a quiet corner of the office munging and making sense out of data. In her spare time she likes reading machine learning research papers, and also likes watching nature & life documentaries.

Thank you to everyone who submitted talks this year, they were fantastic and we had the highest number of submissions yet! 
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