Workshops FAQs


How many workshops are there?

Attendees will be able to choose between 3 workshops and 3 open spaces per half-hour session. There will be 2 half-hour sessions in the afternoon, from approximately 3:00 - 3:30 and 3:35 - 4:05.


Are workshop spaces limited?

Yes. This is the first year we are implementing a workshops at PagerCon, and due to space limitations, we will be capping workshop attendees at 20 seats.


Wait, if seats are limited, is registration first-come-first-serve?

No. In order to keep the process as fair as possible, you will be able to indicate what your first-, second-, and third- choices are for each workshop session you choose to attend. Using a weighted lottery, people who indicate a workshop is their first choice, will have a relatively higher chance of being chosen for one of the 20 seats available. The general algorithm is available here:


What kind of workshops are available?

Workshops will largely focus on technical topics such as back-end development and advanced database use. However, there will be an opportunity for less technical folks to benefit from beginner-level workshops, as well as Open Spaces discussion groups.


Why are there workshops? I thought PagerCon was great last year, why fix it if it ain't broke?

PagerDuty is growing quickly every year, not just in terms of customer base, but also the number of employees! Our previous format is becoming less and less tenable for the number of people we are trying to serve. We've added a selection of workshops to make sure we are able to cater to a diversity of interests and also so that people will still get to experience the learning experience of PagerCon in smaller group settings.


Do I have to sign up for a workshop?

Nope! You do you, friend. If you don't want to register for a workshop, you're welcome to attend any of the Open Space discussion groups that will be running at the same time during both sessions.


What do I need to bring for a workshop?

You are not required to bring your laptop, but most workshops will have a participatory element, so it is recommended. You will know ahead of time whether or not you will need to bring your laptop to PagerCon for the day.


When will I find out whether or not I have been registered for a workshop?

If you entered the workshop lottery, a week before the conference, you will be informed of which workshops you have been registered for. Employees attending the San Francisco PagerCon will be notified on July 3, and employees attending the Toronto PagerCon will be notified on July 10.